Swarovski Crystal Swan

Rare (1/6)

  • Stunning Rare Signed Swan Swarovski Pave Crystal Snowy Owl Brooch -enameled Back
  • Signed Swarovski Swan Crystal Parrot Bird Peridot Pinbrooch Retired Rare New
  • Swarovski Swan Signed Crystal Pearl Grape Brooch Retired Rare With Tag 768
  • Swan Signed Swarovski Crystal Angel Hands Together Brooch Rare Hard To Find 037
  • Swarovski Swan Signed Crystal Heart Necklace With Red Ribbon Choker Rare Nib
  • Swarovski Swan Signed Christmas Tree Pin Brooch Pave Crystal Rare
  • Rare Swarovski Swan Signed Multi-color Crystal Pave Enamel Parrot Brooch Pin
  • Swarovski Crystals Swan Signed Gold Plated 7 Hinged Bracelet Vintage Mint Rare
  • Swarovski Swan Signed 1999 Christmas Tree Pin Brooch Pave Crystal Rare
  • Swarovski Crystal Soulmates Swans Jet & Clear 5075864 Boxed Retired Rare